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Happy Newest Month to all our clients! Thank you so much for keeping us in business. And we also say ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ to all Muslim faithfuls.
Dearest Muslim client, we use this opportunity to welcome you into the month of fast. May Allah keep you on the right parts.

Puff-puff vendor in Lagos
Puff-Puff in Lagos (African Street Food)

Just as you feed your souls, we want to say we are available to feed your physical body during this Ramadan period. We are situated in Lagos, Nigeria, and able to tend to your treats after your break of fast each day. Refuel yourself by selecting from our wide range of healthy treats (Yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, Parfait, Coleslaw, Granola, Banana Bread, Smoothies, Fruit Juice, Salad platters, etc)

Donut in Lagos. Lagos Doughnuts vendor
Donut / Doughnuts in Lagos. Lagos Snacks


Are you planning on holding lectures during Ramadan as sadaqah and making IFTAR (fast-breaking menus) or you know someone who does? We have made it easier for you. You can order 24hours prior to your event’s day and trust us completely to deliver. Our CAKES, SMALLCHOPS, YOGHURT, GREEK YOGHURT, PARFAIT, BREAD, FRUIT JUICE, SMOOTHIES, MILKSHAKES, SALAD PLATTERS are made fresh always WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES, ‘cos your health is our utmost concern.

Salad vendors in Lagos
Salad Platters in Lagos

We have have created a special coupon code for you. To use it, please enter the code : RAMADANLAG into the tab created for coupons just before you check out.

To ORDER kindly visit our SHOP PAGE and select treats of your choice, and make payment. It’s that simple. For large orders, please use the WhatsApp icon or Facebook messenger icon on the bottom right of our page to chat directly we us.

We are wishing you a very Happy Fasting and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. May this holy month inspire you to observe fasting and offer prayers to Allah.

Smallchops vendor in Lagos
Smallchops in Lagos. Smallchops platter, tray, or packs

We also love you to follow us : Sussy’s Cakes on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK; or our subsidiary page : Sussydonuts on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to be the first to get latest updates, gists, and promotional offers.

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