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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024!

Dearest Shareholder,

🏅 Yes YOU got the bragging rights for ordering from us, booking our event services, referring and choosing us all through 2023! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 2023

Welcome to a brighter, better, and greater year.
May this year be that year where congratulations will never cease from your home.
May celebrations be part of your daily endeavors.

Once again, we do like to state all our brands for the year 2024.

  • We have Sussy’s Cakes that’s responsible for ALL your cakes, confectioneries, desserts, yoghurt, smallchops, etc. This our confectionery page is also live on Facebook
  • Next is Sussydonuts that centers on all things pillowy soft Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, and Croissant. We have this brand also on Facebook
  • Followed by Sussy’s Breakfast and Brunch . An aspect of our growing brand that is centered on your breakfast and brunch orders. It also caters for your food trays and platters.
  • And our event and surprise plug Sussy’s Surprises that caters for all your event needs from quick surprise setup, to intimate event, or elaborate event setup
  • And finally to our newest addition. Our fashion accessories brand Sussy’s Krestionz that caters for all your custom handmade fashion accessories for both men and women. From classy fascinator, to berets, to turban, to autogeles, to zara caps, the list is endless!

Be rest assured, Dearest Shareholders, that we will never alter our quality. Our aim will also be to give you 100% value for your money. THIS PLACE IS NO SCAM ZONE. What you pay for is what you get.

We also wish to share our official Price list for all our confectionery pages.

  • Updated Price list
  • Ready to Go Cakes price list
  • Smallchops Price list
  • Smallchops Price list
  • Donuts and Cinnamon rolls price list
  • Breakfast and Brunch Price list
  • Breakfast and Brunch Price list
  • Breakfast and Brunch Price list
  • Breakfast and Brunch Price list
  • Breakfast and Brunch Price list


  1. Please note that WE DO NOT OFFER SAME-DAY DELIVERIES. We require at least 24hours pre-order notice.
  2. We do not accept payment on delivery. Your payment validates your order or bookings
  3. We offer delivery services and pick-up options.
  4. We offer discounts for large orders
  5. We are available to travel. Terms and Conditions apply

We look forward to another amazing and exciting journey! Remember you can always reach us directly via WhatsApp Thank YOU for supporting our growing Brands.


Sussy’s Cakes, Confectionery and Events (Your ONE-STOP EVENT VENDOR IN LAGOS)

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